Winter Storm Preparedness

The time is now. We are looking at extreme winter storms this weekend that can immobilize an entire region. The results can range from isolation to blocked roads, downed power lines and vehicles sliding on icy roads. To help prepare your family for the winter we recommend the following:

Denver Digs Trees

Denver Digs Trees Application Deadline Extended Through March 6th

We still have over 700 trees that need new homes, so take advantage of this special opportunity to get your FREE & LOW COST TREES today. Did you know that by supporting our urban forest, you can beautify your neighborhood, increase your property value (up to 10%), reduce energy consumption, improve air quality, and more?

Transit Alliance Rail Photo

Transit Alliance Citizens’ Academy Spring 2015

The Citizens' Academy is an amazing way to network, build relationships, or even find a future business partner. The Academy takes people that are already interested in planning, architecture, bikes, streetcars, and walking and turns them into advocates for transit in our metro area. Academy graduates will be introduced to innovative projects throughout the metro area, along with the people bringing those projects to life.

Green Valley Ranch Town Center Sign Design

Green Valley Ranch Town Center Sign

As the Registered Neighborhood Organization for Green Valley Ranch, GVR CAB has received notification that an application for a Comprehensive Sign Plan has been submitted to the Zoning Department for the Green Valley Ranch Town Center. The planned sign is to be located on East 49th Avenue and Tower Road